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Scientific outreach is one of the objectives of our institute. Researchers at ICTEA are strongly committed to communicate and share the results of our research activities. Not only to our colleagues, but also to the rest of the scientific community and the whole society.

Even before ICTEA was created, the different research groups were heavily involved in disseminating scientifc knowledge. Find below a list of some of those outreach activities:

  • Participation in primary and high schools talks from different outreach programmes (Semana de la Ciencia, De gira con la ciencia, or El CPAN en el instituto).
  • Collaboration in activities organised by the Universidad de Oviedo for the International Day of Woman and Girls in Science (Día de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia).
  • Participation in the outreach course for the administrative staff (PAS) of our university regarding the current main research topics in Asturias ("Claves de la Investigación Asturiana").
  • Participation in informal outreach talks from events such as Con mono de ciencia (from the AECi El Mono Infinito association) or Con ciencia, té (from ASBAS).
  • Collaboration with the "Foro Comunicación y Escuela" organisation from the high school Elisa y Luis Villamil from A Veiga/Vegadeo. In the academic year 2018-2019 we organised a guided visit to CERN.
  • Organisation of home-made cloud chambers for kids.
  • Participation in the annual job fair (Foro de Empleo) from our university.

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